The Last Course Dessert Bar started from simple beginnings; in our kitchens baking for family and friends.  We are just two creative ladies who enjoy baking and creating goods that taste amazing.  We love what we do and pour that love into everything we bake.  We pride ourselves in quality and always use fresh and quality products that enrich flavor and will make for an enjoyable tasting experience.

Our home base is our mobile trailer allowing us to bring our desserts to you as well as take part in community events. 

Wherever you plan to partake in a meal, we look forward to serving you the last course.  


Hello! My name is Andrea and I am the co-owner of The Last Course Dessert Bar. I am married with three children; a 5 year old son Mark Angel; a 2 year old son Nathan Drake; and a 1 year old daughter Jordan Dreya. I have a background in graphic design and hold a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications which has not only helped in bakery production, but has helped tremendously in starting a business. I met my business partner Crystal when I was 24 and I wanted to have ten children (so having three right now is a pretty reasonable amount). Of course I hear her saying I told you so. She made a good point that attending ten different soccer games on any given weekend would be difficult.


As for my love for baking, it did not start out as a little girl. It started in my late teens and twenties as a stress reliever and a distraction from other things. I steadily gained knowledge on the science of baking. I tend to be a perfectionist and knowing the science behind the baking eases the frustration of failed recipes. The Last Course Dessert Bar was something that came about when Crystal and I were ready to jump into something worth the work we put into it. After a couple of rounds of failed attempts at obtaining a brick and mortar shop location, a mobile bakery was born. I am truly excited to see things coming together and to experience this whole process with the support of my family and friends.

Co-owner, Baker, and Marketing Manager



Hello! My name is Crystal and I live in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. I am a loving wife and mother of 2. I'm obsessed with baking, all things chocolate, and kitchen gadgets (If it's shiny, I have to have it...lol). From a very young age I have watched my mother in the kitchen. She absolutely loved to bake and cook. Although her love of cooking didn't quite pass on to me, her love of baking did. It was not until I was older did I start to take baking seriously. I began baking anything I could get my hands on; cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and the list goes on. Baking was not only fun, it was a way for me to de-stress. I also picked up photography as a hobby. You simply cannot have one hobby without the other. How else would you be able to see all the pretty things I bake? Everything I bake is tried and true. I have been blessed to have live-in taste testers (aka. Husband and kids) who are brutally honest when they don't like something. Being a self-taught baker, I constantly read and experiment which allows me to grow and evolve, as I strive to be a better baker creating the best recipes.


About 5 years ago, I started a Facebook Page, Lolli-PoP Cakes. I posted all my baking creations there. My friends and family loved them so much and asked me when am I going to open up shop. So here I am, partnered with my good friend Andrea who I met over 10 years ago. When she had the nerve to tell me "shhhhh"…when I was overthinking something, I knew it was the start of a wonderful friendship. After a couple failed attempts at obtaining a brick and mortar shop, I suggested bakery cart. We threw around a couple ideas and The Last Course Dessert Bar was born. I invite you to join me on this new and exciting journey. Remember...take one cupcake at a time.

Co-owner and Baker


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